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Jamshed Turel

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Originally from Mumbai, India, Jamshed Turel received his Bachelors and Masters of Music in violin performance, computer science and music theory from Indiana University, where he studied with Mauricio Fuks and Federico Agostini. At age thirteen he was the youngest player admitted to the Bombay Chamber Orchestra, and in 1994 he became the youngest concertmaster of the Bombay Players Orchestra. Pursuing his interest in orchestral playing, he later served as the concertmaster of the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra, and Ensemble du Monde in New York City, where he is still a core-member of the group and Principal Violinist. He has subsequently been invited to guest lead orchestras in New York, Chicago, Houston, Dubai, Toronto and London, as well as having performed as a soloist in several concerts across North America, Europe and Asia.

A versatile composer and arranger, Mr. Turel is the co-founder of ArtistWorld Publishing, and has worked extensively in the film and television industry. Among his credits include works for Disney, Cartoon Network, CBC, National Geographic and the National Film Board of Canada. With a keen interest in research and pedagogy, Mr. Turel has also been awarded several Provincial and Federal Grants from the Canadian Government to research film music, music technology, and augmented and virtual reality in music teaching.

Currently Mr. Turel is is the Head of the Music Department of Mohawk College in Canada and he is a multiple recipient of Canada’s Hamilton Industry Music Award.